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Annual Halloween Traditions

It's that time of the year, gang!

Every year I do a Halloween Card to send out to my friends & family. Kinda like a Christmas Card but spooky scary.

But the last couple of years some of my art friends have put together a Halloween Coloring book for the Trick or Treaters. I have also asked a couple of new friends they would like to contribute to the Annual Halloween Coloring book PDF that can be printed, stapled and handed out to the Trick or Treaters.

If you are interested in contributing this year? I have a small story plot that involves the usual monsters/ghost/ ghouls come out to get candy one day of the year in the town of Dark's Hollow. And the kids know they have to dress up to fit in. (Their was a couple of mishaps in the past with a cowboy and a nurse.) The kids of Dark's Hollow know that you have to be very convincing as a monster or at least a dead cowboy or dead nurse.

Email me at BobLearned(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like to contribute...or need more details.

See last years post here and here is last years PDF With a Ryan Wheaton Cover

*Update*:  The format needs to be vertical 8.5in x 11in x 400dpi and obviously coloring book open line art.
 Thinking about some activity pages this year, anybody interested in games, puzzles and activity pages?